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7 Year Car Transfer

A client came to us saying that he had sold a car over 7 years ago and the buyer had still not made the DGT Traffic Office vehicle transfer.

The buyer told the client that the transfer had been completed and it was no longer his responsilibity.The client thought that it h

The client thought this had been done years ago and he kept receiving Suma Road Tax Bills every year that he paid. The client had also been responsible for any fines on the vehicle.

Finally the client came to Covered and told us the story.

The Covered Solution

Covered then checked all the documents of the sale and found that a Spanish bill of sale (compra y venta) had never been made. Therefore the actual sale had never taken place. Covered made a new up to date bill of sale for the buyer and seller and with all the correct documents presented the transfer to the DGT Traffic Office directly as Covered are Official Partners with the DGT Traffic Office.

The transfer was completed and now the client is free of any responsibility and also the years of suma was refunded to the client by the buyer.

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