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A Tricky Driving License Solution

A client came to us in mid 2021 for help exchanging his UK Driving Licence to Spanish.
He said that he had ‘lodged’ his intent to exchange his licence through a Spanish Lawyer with the DGT Traffic Office as per the rules.

But when the client tried to exchange his licence the DGT said he was not lodged for exchange and they would not allow the exchange.
The client in conversation told us that he in fact had a Spanish Driving licence from many years before that had expired more than 10 years ago.

The Covered Solution

Covered, being Official Partners of the DGT Traffic Office contacted the driving licence department directly, submitted a copy of the expired Spanish driving licence and requested that this Spanish licence was renewed with a new aptitude test from the medical centre.
Ignoring the UK licence exchange as he already had a Spanish licence.
The Traffic Office granted us the renewal and the client now has a fully valid new 10 year Spanish licence.

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