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Autonomo Declarations Incorrect

A client came to us with a big problem with their Autonomo (Spanish Self Employment).

They had been registered as autonomo but the accountant had not made the quarterly tax declarations on behalf of the client as is required for tax and iva (Spanish vat)

The client was now behind on their tax declarations and likely being fined by the tax office.

The Covered Solution

Covered immediately gained a new Digital Certificate so we could represent the client to the authorities. Then accessed the tax office and social security office for the client records.

Covered then saw the missing quarterly declarations and fines. The client gave us the trading information for the missing declarations and we made the submissions bringing the autonomo account up to date. Then we worked with the tax office to pay the small fines.

The client now has their account clear and Covered are the Tax Advisors for the client and make their quarterly tax declarations correctly.

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