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DGT – No Insurance Fine Quashed

Our client, a resident had been fined for having no valid insurance on her car after passing a traffic camera in the costa Blanca.

The fine had been outstanding for over a year & a half and was now over €900….

After contacting the previous owner and speaking to everyone she could, the owner still could not understand the fine as she had been insured during the date of the fine and also for a year since and then the insurance had been renewed for a second year.

Luckily the owner was referred to Covered as we are experts in solving very difficult cases in Spain.

The Covered Solution

We scrutinised all the car’s documents and the fine papers and and then discovered the problem. The car’s registration number on the insurance had two of its digits mixed up. The digits being a 5 and a 3 are very difficult to notice as they are seen as the same if they are 53 or 35 when inside other digits. Very difficult to notice when looking at the different documents.

Covered immediately directly contacted the traffic office as we are Official Partners of the DGT Traffic Office to report the error and have the fine cancelled. This led us to the tax office as when a traffic fine is not paid, the fine is sent to the tax office for collection.

Covered had to get the fine sent back to the traffic office so we could work with them.

Also, we contacted the insurance company directly as Covered are an independent agent of the insurance company the client is insured with to get a statement to show the client was insured despite the error.

Then after all this was complete Covered pursued the cancellation with the traffic office as an error and had the fine cancelled.

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