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Spanish Residency Appeal

A client came to us from another provider saying that she had paid money to the provider for a withdrawal agreement residency application.
The client had passed over all the necessary documents and proof needed.
The application was made by the provider but was referred as the application was not made correctly.

The foreign office requested further documents but the provider did not inform the client and so the application was rejected.
The provider still did not update the client for a long time regarding the application, leaving the client in Spain without residency.

The Covered Solution

Covered checked the rejection notice letter from the foreign office. Then gathered all the documents required for residency and told the client she was eligible for residency under the withdrawal agreement.

Covered then made a Full Residency Appeal on behalf of the client as Covered collaborate directly with the Spanish Foreign Office to prepare and lodge residency appeals.

The appeal was successful and residency granted to the client. Covered then completed the fingerprint stage and card collection. Read the review by our very happy client.

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