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Residency – Padron issue

Covered applied for Residency for this client who was resident in Spain before the end of 2020
The client had applied for a padron at the end of December 2020 but was told to collect the padron after Christmas in 2021.

The problem was then that the padron was dated 2021 and not 2020. This resulted in the Foreign Office rejecting the residency application because the client could not show proof of being resident in Spain prior to 2021 under the withdrawal agreement.

The Covered Solution

Covered argued for the client that the padron should have been dated 2020 as that is when it was applied for and the client attended the padron office.

It was because of the Christmas holidays and the backlog of applications that the actual padron was not issued until January 2021.

After a lot of fighting on behalf of the client, we were successful and had the residency granted.

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