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What are the options for Spanish Residency

Spanish Residency currently can be obtained either under the withdrawal agreement if eligible, by resident family member or by Visa to Residency.

Visas can be obtained as either Non Lucrative, where no work is carried out in Spain. This is ideal for the retired.
Work visa’s if a work contract is being offered by an employer in Spain or to start a business in Spain.
Please email us at for a Covered Visa Info Pack, which has a full explanation of the entire process and what Covered does for its Visa Clients.

We are still obtaining Residency for UK expats under the withdrawal agreement and by resident family member connection.
Contact Covered so we can check if the eligibility of the residency you require.

Still Living in Spain and not been able to complete your residency?


After Brexit, Spanish residency for all UK citizens now require a visa to enter Spain as a long term resident and then exchange their visa for a temporary resident card.
This temporary resident card is valid for one year and is renewable for a further two year temporary card and then a final two year temporary card.
At the end of the five year temporary period a permanent resident card can be applied for.
Covered have a program that covers the full five years temporary to permanent residency.
We are here with you all the way through, making sure everything runs smoothly throughout your temporary residency.


If you are a resident and would like to exchange your old Green resident card for a shiny new TIE Resident card

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