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Wills & Inheritance

A Spanish will is essential if you own a property in Spain either as an official Resident or non resident.
As a property owner you will have a bank account and this also is a part of your estate.
A UK will not be valid in Spain for Spanish property and assets and it is a nightmare for relatives to deal with if a person passes away in Spain without a Spanish will.
Covered will take care of the will expertly for you as we actually write and draft the will in house before a meeting to proof the contents and then a visit to the notary to notarise and complete the will.


It seems many miss appointing an executor of a Spanish will in Spain.
This is essential to know that when needed you will have a trusted executor who knows the law, speaks the language.
Your beneficiary relatives will need to be represented at meetings with the notary to accept the inheritance and also the correct tax submissions will need to be paid to the Spanish authorities.
Covered will make an agreement with the client when making the will to act as the executor.

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