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CASE-STUDY: Consulate Visa Surprise

Consulate Visa Surprise Recently our clients were at their Non Lucrative Visa interview made by Covered at a UK consulate with all the correct documents and insurance. When presenting the health insurance the consulate suddenly decided that they wanted the insurance to start on the date the clients were moving to Spain.Despite the insurance only […]

CASE-STUDY: Visa not completed

Visa not completed A client contacted Covered to ask for help changing their car over from UK to Spanish registration. On talking to the client about their Spanish residency, they told us that they had gained Non Lucrative visas through another provider and had been in Spain for over two weeks. When we asked the […]

CASE-STUDY: Spanish Residency Appeal

Spanish Residency Appeal A client came to us from another provider saying that she had paid money to the provider for a withdrawal agreement residency application.The client had passed over all the necessary documents and proof needed.The application was made by the provider but was referred as the application was not made correctly. The foreign […]

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