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Visa not completed

A client contacted Covered to ask for help changing their car over from UK to Spanish registration. On talking to the client about their Spanish residency, they told us that they had gained Non Lucrative visas through another provider and had been in Spain for over two weeks. When we asked the client if they had been to the foreign office in Alicante to exchange their visa’s for a temporary residents card, they had no idea that this was needed. We told the client to go that this step has to be completed within 30 days of arriving in Spain and so they should go immediately to their provider and ask if they know how to do this to complete the exchange and if they don’t to come back to us immediately so we can assist. The clients returned an hour later telling us the provider did not know about the card exchange part of the visa and could we help them.

The Covered Solution

Covered’s team then made an immediate appointment for the exchange, completed the application forms, paid the small application tax and gathered the correct documents the client needed. Including fixing an incorrect house rental contract. The clients had their cards in time without penalty and are now permanent happy clients of Covered Legal.

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