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Residency on a boat!

Covered have a British client who lives on a sailing boat in Barcelona with his wife who has a Southern Irish passport.

They asked if we could get residency for them as they wanted Spain to be there main base and so they could also travel throughout Europe for more than 90 days.

The wife said she had an NIE number but that was all. We asked for a copy of the NIE certificate and when she sent it we were surprised to see a Green Spanish Residency card.

The wife had already gained Spanish residency as an Irish passport holder through a Spanish lawyer without realising what she had.

The Covered Solution

Covered then changed tack for the husband’s residency.

We contacted the marina and requested a ‘letter of residence’ that states the client is living on his boat in the marina. Our Director is also a sailing boat owner and a resident with 20 years experience so we knew exactly what was needed. We then contacted the town hall in Barcelona local to the marina where the boat berthed and explained that we wanted a padron and made an appointment. The client collected the padron shortly after.

The next stage was to have the clients UK marriage certificate translated by our sworn translator.

Covered then made an application of residency based on the client being married to an EU Citizen with full Spanish residency.

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