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The Non-Lucrative Visa is for UK Citizens who wish to reside in Spain.

Since Brexit, UK Nationals have become what’s known as ‘third country’ citizens.
This means people from a non-EU Member State country.

These citizens need to apply and demonstrate to the Spanish Authorities that they can reside in Spain without the need to burden the state of the health system or need financial assistance.


The process is as follows:

Each applicant must present the following to the corresponding Embassy in the UK (Depending where you live in the UK or are staying whilst making the visa application – London, Manchester, or Edinburgh)

• Correctly completed Visa application forms
• A Police records check (ACRO) – Apostilled (Spain Certified) & Officially Translated
•A Medical certificate of Good Health – Apostilled (Spain Certified) & Officially Translated.
• Valid Spanish Private Medical Insurance (for Visa and Residency Use) or S1 form.
• Bank statements to show funds and income (see table below) from UK or Spanish Bank Accounts.
• Completed Application fee form model 790-052
• Marriage Certificate or civil partnership agreement (if applicable) Apostilled (Spain Certified) & Officially Translated
• Proof of work ceasing for Edinburgh Consulate
• Proof of business continuation in UK in your absence if not retired

Income & Funds

The criteria for available funds and income are:
Individual Person : €27,792 (2316.08 per month)
2nd person (spouse): € 6,948 (579.02 per month)

€6948.00 is required per family member
*Funds available in either UK or Spanish Bank and/or Pensions and incomes.

Medical Certificate – Good health

*If the client visits Spain Covered have developed a method to have the
medical certificate issued in Spain at a greatly reduced cost and no
translation or apostille is needed.

ACRO – Police Check

Each applicant will need to have a Police records check made by the UK Police.
This is called an ACRO as it is a special check and certificate for international use such as residency in another country.

Medical Insurance or S1

Each applicant is required to have full private medical cover for a full year for their application which is total cover with no extra payments required in the event of a claim.
You will need to continue this insurance for the entire duration of your residency in Spain, Year 2 onwards or a valid S1 form for retirees from the UK.

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

If applying as a couple a marriage certificate or civil partnership is required and will need to be apostilled and officially translated.

Appointment at the Spanish Embassy

Each applicant will need to make an appointment with the Embassy to present the application pack.

At this interview the pack contents will be checked and if all is in order and correct the visa fee and 790 fee will be paid.

The application is then accepted for processing by the Embassy and once the visa is granted, the embassy will contact the applicant with an appointment to visit the embassy to collect their Visa or the visa can be sent by Special Delivery.

The visa is a small paper which is stuck on one page of the applicant’s passport

Costs & Fees (as of 2022)

Visa There are two fees to be paid at the Embassy in the UK at the time of presenting the application by the client of:

Visa fee of £516.00 (Pounds)
Application fee of:
£8.90 (Pounds) called ‘model 790’

Private Medical Certificate £168.00 (pounds) paid at the time of medical in the UK by the client.
Medical Certificate Apostille fee £54.00 (pounds) No translation required
Or if in Spain €105.00 complete without the need for translation or apostille.

Police Check (ACRO) £55.00 (pounds)
ACRO Apostille fee £54.00 (pounds)
ACRO Sworn Spanish Translation Fee €65.00 (Euros)
Apostille Courier Postage send/return €55.00

Marriage Certificates

If applying as a married couple or a civil partnership:
Sworn Spanish Translation Fee:
€65.00 (euros)
Apostille fee:
£54.00 (pounds)

Health Insurance (for Visa) or S1

Valid Private Health Insurance to the state level or a valid S1 Certificate

After the Visa is issued

Once the visa is issued it is valid for 3 months and the applicant will need to enter Spain within this 3-month period (the sooner the better) Once the applicant enters Spain, they will need to exchange the Visa for a 1-year initial TIE Residency card within 30 days of entering Spain.

There is a final tax at the foreign office for non-EU citizens when exchanging your visa for a resident card.
Model 790-052 €16.08

You will need to fill out the correct application forms, have a valid Padron produced by your local town hall by way of your house deeds or correct housing rental contract and a recent utility bill.
Make the correct appointment at your provinces National Police Office for Expats to present your documents and have your fingerprints taken.
Then finally on another appointment, when ready, collect your TIE Temporary Residents card.

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